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Excellence is the ethos and the fundamental principle behind the business operations of the multifaceted Ministry In Art Media Group. Our primary function is to provide winning concepts and strategies that will enable our clients to perform at levels far beyond perceived limitations. In essence we give our clients the winning edge.
Although our services are designed to meet needs ranging from business to personal living, we specialize in providing key services within the personal development and entertainment arena. With over 17 years combined experience, we have been privileged to work with an eclectic mix of authors, coaches, motivational speakers, artists, filmmakers, and thought leaders.
The full benefits of our services are experienced through the synergistic effect of our individual enterprises working in unison. These enterprises serve to unleash our client’s potential by giving them the leverage of visual communication (design excellence), publishing, consultation, coaching and marketing.
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What We Do

  • Product Design & Displays

  • Book Publishing

    MIA Publishing are specialists in the publishing and the effective marketing of inspirational books.

  • Branding & Publicity

    Branding and publicity is the life blood of our design and media services

  • Website Design

    Ministry In Art Media offers a first class web design service

  • Event Advertising

    With over 20 years of combined experience, we have had the privilege of promoting the most dynamic and transformational events in the

  • Video Editing & Animation

    We produce inspiring, inventive animation of the highest quality that is focused on your business goals and fits perfectly with your existing company branding



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Contact Us


BuildingThank you for your interest in the services of Ministry In Art Media. Our dedicated team are ready to assist you in your success journey. For inquiries please use the contact form below. Alternative you contact us via the following channels:
Ministry In Art Media,
145-157 St John’s St, London EC1V 4PW
0845 094 6097